• Peter Beren posted an update 4 years, 11 months ago

    Publishing and Marketing Consultant & Literary Agent
    The Peter Beren Agency Tufts University
    San Francisco Bay Area

    • A dynamic and creative publishing professional with strong negotiating skills.

    • An experienced Marketing Director and Acquisitions Editor.

    • Expertise in licensing with a consumer lifestyle brand.

    • Brand management.

    • Experienced in building strategic publishing and marketing alliances.

    • A highly skilled communicator with leadership skills,
    able to motivate and mentor others.

    Specialties: Book publishing, acquisitions, new product development, consumer product marketing, brand management, sales and distribution, strategic alliances, able to motivate and mentor others, financial forecasting, strategic planning, writer, editor.

    • Peter, do you take on new authors? I have a friend that wrote an interesting story…someone what autobiographical but yet not, and it is both inspirational as well as entertaining. Is that a kind of project that you could take on? And if so…what sort pf payment system/contract do you require?