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    Ivan Van Dyck
    Owner, Internet Media Care
    Billys Software Syntra klas 2005
    Antwerp Area, Belgium

    Hi there,
    Ivan here. i’m going to tell me a bit about me 😉

    I started my profesional life in the militairy. I’ve been 3 years in the Belgian army.
    As a globetrotter, i went to Spain, Benidorm for a few years. Working as a chef in a restorant.
    Back in Belguim, i got dow the road. For 18 years i’ve been a trucker. Driving all over Europe. I’ve been in all the European countries.
    At these times i’m working for the city of Antwerp. I’ve been working me up to a foreman now.
    On my free time i”ve been building an internet business. I love both my job and my business.
    Only on sundays, then it is football day (soccer).
    You can always connect with me here on my page or on [email protected]