Hidden Napa Valley, Revised and Expanded Edition

Hidden Napa Valley, Revised and Expanded Edition

Here is a unique portrait of California’s beloved wine country. From its stunning landscape to its culture and gourmet sophistication, these striking images of the valley, captured throughout the seasons, illustrate the unique treasures of California’s prized vineyards. Chronicled in color photographs by gifted local photographer Wes Walker, this portrait of California’s promised land comes alive in history, legend, and lore. Updated with many new locations, this enlarged edition has also been expanded to include an index as well as a resource guide packed with great Napa wineries, shops, hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants. Accompanied by quotations from great writers and personalities including: Robert Mondavi, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ernest Hemingway, Galileo, Ursula K. Le Guin, MFK Fisher, Dawnine Dyer, and Herb Caen.

"Explore the lush green and fertile landscape of California’s Napa Valley with noted photographer Wes Walker. For this book he assembled a beautiful collection of well-crafted images that tell the story of the rich vineyards and the many experienced vintners who transform the fruit into delicate wines. It’s a colorful virtual tour that is certain to inspire you to explore the valley for yourself."
– Shutterbug Magazine, C.A. Boylan

"Hidden Napa Valley is a collection of full color photographs of California’s wine country which has a distinct natural beauty not easily seen elsewhere in the world. Loooking over the history of the beautiful piece of nature, Peter Beren presents a collection of vivid photography and quotations from many individuals famous and not so famous on the region…a top pick for any who want a gorgeous collection."
-Reviewer’s Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

" Hidden Napa Valley with spectacular photographs by Wes Walker is another one of those books that you must have and keep on your coffee table. The focus is a wine lover’s paradise but the focus is also on one of the most beautiful parts of the United States in all its glory. More than 100 color photos showcase the history and the present of this special area. A SPECIAL BOOK ."

"The book takes the reader on a sensual journey through all the seasons of the valley…a visual feast for any wine lover who has visited Napa or for locals who will be dazzled by Wes Walker’s photographs."

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