Class 5 Kerala girl’s letter gets justice, CJI writes back

Class 5 Kerala girl’s letter gets justice, CJI writes back

Lidwina Joseph, a fifth standard student in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Thrissur, Kerala, sent a letter reflecting the awareness of today’s young population. She said, “I was much worried about the deaths in Delhi and other parts of country due to corona. From the newspaper, I understood that your honourable court has intervened effectively in the suffering and deaths of people in the fight against Covid-19. I am happy and feel proud your honourable court has passed orders for supply of oxygen and saved many lives. I understand your honourable court has initiated effective steps in bringing down Covid and death rate in our country, especially in Delhi. I thank you, your honour, for this.”

She was probably referring to the SC taking up issues relating to short supply of oxygen to Delhi and some other states during the pandemic’s peak and the Centre being directed by the SC to maintain optimum supply of oxygen to Delhi. Responding to the girl’s letter, the CJI said, “I have received your beautiful letter along with a heart-warming illustration of the judge at work. I am really impressed with the way you kept track of happenings in the country and the concern that you have displayed for the well-being of people… I am sure you will grow up into an alert, informed and responsible citizen who’ll contribute immensely towards nation building.”
A few days ago, the CJI had responded to a Class 12 student from Andhra Pradesh, Potluri Darshet, who sent a letter written in flawless Telugu. The CJI appreciated his effort and said it was rare these days to come across youngsters writing letters in their mother tongue.

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