How to control children’s online time?

How to control children’s online time?

With the continuous development of technology, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life. Whether adults or children, surfing the Internet has become a normal thing. However, as parents, we also realize that children’s long-term immersion in the online world may affect their physical and mental health, so controlling children’s online time has become an urgent problem to be solved.

In this case, parents may consider using devices such as mobile phone signal blockers, wifi jammers or high-power jammers to help control their children’s online time. These devices can effectively block children’s connection with the Internet and stop them from indulging in the virtual world.

The first is the mobile phone blocker ( ), which is a device that can block mobile phone signals. When children have a mobile phone signal blocker around them, their mobile phones will not be able to communicate normally, and they will not be able to access the Internet or receive information. Parents can turn on the mobile phone signal blocker when they need to control their children’s online time, so that children cannot connect to the network, thereby achieving the purpose of controlling online time.

The second is the wireless jammer ( ). Parents can interfere with the normal connection of the wireless network at home by setting the frequency and signal strength of the wifi jammer, so that children cannot connect to the network. Compared with the mobile phone signal blocker, the wifi jammer has a wider range of action and can control the network connection of multiple devices at the same time. Parents can choose different signal strengths as needed to adapt to their children’s Internet habits.

Finally, there is the high power jamming device ( ), which has a wider interference range and can effectively shield the surrounding wireless signals, preventing children from connecting to the network. Parents can choose different interference frequencies and signal strengths as needed to control their children’s Internet time.

In general, controlling children’s Internet time is a problem that every parent will encounter, and devices such as mobile phone signal blockers, wifi

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